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$16.85 - $18.75

15 Single Packs - PRESALE ONLY

A bag of 15 single packs to test out, take camping or share with your friends! Wipe Size: 9”x10" Packet Size: 3”x5” each Weight: .5oz each This is a pre-sales order. We will ship your purchase on or before January 9, 2015.
$25.00 - $31.25

25 SINGLE PACKS-PreSales Only

Don't sweat the small stuff - you have an InstaShower(tm) in your pocket, or bag, glove box, tool kit... This 25 count bag will help you stay fresh and odor free wherever you go. Just pull one out when you need it and bata bing, bata bang, you're instantly clean! Wipe Size: 9”x10" Packet Size...

30-Sheet Soft Pack-PreSales Only

More wipes, less waste! This package contains 30 Action Wipes in a soft, pop-up package with a snap shut lid. Convenient to keep in your gym bag, locker, car, desk... you name it. Wipe Size: 9” x 10" Pouch Size: 12” x 4” x 1" Weight: 13oz This is a pre-sales order. We will ship your pur...