Why we created our new Daily Liquid Castile Soap

August 15 2017
We created the new Daily Liquid Soap as a go-to for just about anything.  You can use it regularly on your hands, fac...

How to use Life Elements’ new Healing Honey Body Oil

August 08 2017
We created Life Elements’ new Healing Honey Body Oil to nourish and hydrate dry, damaged skin. This rich moisturizer ...

A Playa Shower alternative – where Action Wipes got their start!

August 03 2017
Burning Man™ ... the birthplace of mind-blowing creativity, wild friendships and Action Wipes! Yep, we got our start ...

What worked when Prednisone didn’t!

July 25 2017
We created the Healing Honey Stick as an everyday use item for normal dry skin, but two recent testimonials from people who used it on more serious conditions stopped us in our tracks, humbled us and reaffirmed our commitment to the healing power of pure, natural ingredients

A pantry staple that keeps skin supple

July 12 2017
Since our move to the Central Coast/Paso Robles region of California, our pantry is never without this versatile oil, and neither is our lab.

Gravel grinding the southern Arizona border!

July 05 2017
Heidi Rentz and Zander Ault, owners of the Cyclist’s Menu, have mapped epic and stunningly beautiful routes through this area. They are now introducing them to others through week-long cycling camps.

Why we use eucalyptus in Action Wipes

June 26 2017
When you think of a spa, what does it remind you of? Soothing, relaxing and that amazing scent of ... hmmmm?

How the Healing Honey Lip Goo differs from commonly available balms

June 22 2017
Many commonly available lip balms make your lips feel better in the short term, while actually drying them out further in the long-term.

Tea Tree oil: naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

June 14 2017
“Some relationships benefit from therapy. All benefit from aromatherapy. . .” That tag line is from our very first co...

Why We Use Coconut Oil in Action Wipes

June 01 2017
We often refer to our approach as skin food because many of the ingredients we use for body care products are also edible. In addition to coconut oil, honey is a key player in our product line.

Why we use honey in our skin care products

May 24 2017
As beekeepers, we know quite a lot about the super powers of honey and other bee-derived byproducts, such as royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and pollen. We call these amazing byproducts – Pure Bee Goodness!™

Four essentials for an epic self-supported challenge

May 23 2017
Riders spend months, if not years, preparing for this event and meticulously plan every detail, including what they will carry with them.

Hygiene tips for long days outside

May 02 2017
Taking a shower ... it just feels so good! If you’ve spent long stretches of time on the trail or in a third-world country, you may even view it as one of life’s great luxuries.

Firefighter wipes: Why departments across the country use Action Wipes

April 26 2017
We’re proud to play a small part in improving safety for the men and women who work under stressful and physically demanding conditions while carrying 60 to 75 pounds of protective gear and equipment on their bodies.

Meet these Action Wipes advocates

April 24 2017
The less “big box stores” that a town has, the better. If there’s an outdoor gear shop, farmers market, or a cannabis shop - they’ll have the beta on the best outdoor spots. 

Meet the Healing Honey Stick aka the salve of 100 uses

April 17 2017
One of our best sellers here at Life Elements is the Healing Honey Stick. Dubbed the salve of 100 uses it’s become an everyday carry item for our customers!

Visit us at the Sea Otter Classic to pick up a poison oak remedy

April 12 2017
Come hang out with us at booth 545 and 546 during the weekend (we’re sharing digs with Pro Net Cycling)! We’ll have plenty of Action Wipes samples to hand out and stories to tell.

Why Firefighters Should Decon with Towelettes

April 08 2017
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So when two related fire industry publications use our data to ...
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