Action Wipes For Everyone's Gift List

Wow. We are truly humbled and grateful. This has been a banner year for us as part of the Harbinger family and more gift guides and blogs are now including Action Wipes as the go-to body wipe for when you can’t shower. Here are a few recent favorites (Several of the reviews and gift lists give you the opportunity to win Action Wipes, so make sure to check them all out!):

Splash Magazines’ Health & Beauty Gifts 2013 Under $30: Gift Guide Roundup

"Action Wipes, also referred to as a "shower in a pocket" by world travelers and fitness enthusiasts...creates mild suds that don't require rinsing and are quick to dry - leaving your skin clean & refreshed, not sticky, after gym workouts, long runs, and intrepid adventures." 

Bring the Kids Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway

"You thought that wet wipes were for you baby’s butt or to do a quick clean, well here’s a whole new concept.

Women’s Adventure Magazine

"First thing I noticed was the scent - it is amazing [Thank you! J]. They have essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus that give you a dose of aromatherapy. My Huggies wipes have never done that! Secondly, they work. One wipe and I’m completely clean after a ride.”

Stuft Mama

"I like the single packets for traveling, but also like this big package for home use. I pretty much use these daily in between classes and such."

Crazy Running Girl Holiday Gift Guide

"There are times when you don’t have enough time to shower after working out or going for a run… and that’s where Action Wipes come in. They make it easy to clean up when you are running from one place to another.”

Roanoke Outside Outdoor Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide

“World travelers and fitness enthusiasts call Action Wipes a "shower in a pocket," because they leave skin feeling clean, smooth, and refreshed after workouts, runs, and intrepid adventures. The grab and go singles are easy to stash in a backpack and the cloth material is durable enough to be repurposed for gear cleanup.”

Soulicious Life

"These are the must-have stocking stuffer for every active person on your list!...I love the tea tree and eucalyptus scent, as well as the fact that there are no harsh sulfates, parabens or alcohol. They require no rinsing and leave no residue, making them perfect for athletes, campers and travelers. And of course, they are never tested on our animal friends!”

Bendiful Blog

"These babies are a lifesaver for me especially now that I’m an instructor. Sometimes there just isn’t time for a shower and these wipes are the perfect way to clean up after a sweat-fest. Also they are plant derived and don’t leave my skin feeling dried out! Check them out they make a great gift and an easy addition to any gym bag!”

Prologue Cycling Magazine

"They are perfect for cyclists since most of our training rides and races do not have the option of a quick shower after a long ride or race."


Thank you for making Action Wipes the preferred body wipe on the market!