Author Emilie Bahr - How to Write a Book

This is the last in our 3 part interview with Author Emilie Bahr. Here she gives some quick and on-point advice on what it takes to be an author.  Emilie's new book, Urban Revolutions - A Woman's Guide to Two-Wheeled Transportation is a great guide for any cyclist.

Urban Revolutions: Our Interview with Author Emile Bahr

What was the hardest part about writing this book?
Just sitting down each day and doing it.

For those would-be authors out there, what advice do you have on what it takes to write a book?
Start with a topic you’re passionate about and just go write! Set aside some time each day and commit to spending it on your project, whether it’s banging out a 3,000-word stream-of-consciousness essay, outlining characters or chapters, or staring at the blank page trying to figure out where to begin.

I think so much of the challenge of writing comes down to making it part of your regular routine. I once heard an author interviewed on the radio who said that he’d always defined himself a writer, even though he was working full-time as a lawyer and hadn’t actually written anything other than legal briefs for years. One day it dawned on him that if he was going to have any street cred as a writer, he should probably write something. He made the commitment to sitting down to write for 30 minutes at the same time every day. Before long, he had a short story and was able to get it published. Eventually, that story turned into a novel.

I think many of us are waiting for the perfect moment of inspiration to get started on a project. But such a big part of the writing process is just sitting down and doing it.  

How did you first hear about Action Wipes and why did you recommend them?

Living in the sweltering subtropics, it’s next to impossible outside the dead of winter to bike to work without breaking a sweat. I wanted to be able to freshen up after biking to work, and wasn’t a big fan of using baby wipes, which tend to come in big, cumbersome cases with lids that I’ve never been able to get to latch properly and invariably dried out long before I had exhausted the supply. So I went online and searched for recommendations for cleansing wipes for active lifestyles, then ordered a variety of brands to test them out. Action Wipes were far and away my favorite. I was turned off by the cloying scents of the others while I loved the subtle fragrance of Action Wipes. I also appreciate that they came in individual packets that I could throw into my bag without taking up any space at all. I’ve been a convert ever since, and now give them as presents to coworkers in hopes of encouraging more of them to bike to work. 

You can buy Emile Bahr's book: Urban Revolutions here! Cheers.