Festival Essentials

In April, Coachella got underway, kicking off festival season followed by some of the best festivals in the US, like Stagecoach, Lightning in a Bottle and Bonnaroo. There are still some big ones here in the US left to go including:  Bass CenterLollapalooza and of course, Burning Man.  People come from all over the world to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience with strangers and peers at these events. Whether camping or not, staying at these weekend-long festivals takes careful planning so you can pace yourself and enjoy the action-packed, multi-day (and night!) energy of the event. We compiled a must-have list for all things festival-related, including some of our products that are perfect for the occasion.


Because most all music festivals are held during the Spring and Summer, every experienced festival goer knows that sun protection is a very important part of making your experience a good one. Getting a scorching sunburn from dancing away Day 1 sets a bad tone for the weekend overall, so make sure to lather up on plenty of sunscreen and protect your lovely skin. Our Life Elements natural sunscreen with SPF 30 fits the bill, is easy to carry and isn't full of chemicals! And of course, a hat or umbrella always helps too. If you do get burned, be sure to carry the Healing Honey Stick to help soothe the burn and minimize peeling. We recommend the 1/2 oz size which is big enough for the weekend and small enough to carry in your pocket or festival pack.


festival Survival KitDid we mention it can get dusty? With winds, dancing feet and foot traffic, dust will find it's way into every nook and cranny it can find. Specially into your lungs, causing 'festival lung' for days after the music has stopped. So make sure to take a bandana, a Buff Tubular Headwear, scarf, anything to cover your nose and mouth from the dust. 


Another problem with basically living at a music festival, sometimes for as long as a week, is keeping clean. Shower lines can be incredibly long, and stalls eventually get extremely dirty. Sweating through hot weather, rubbing shoulders with thousands of music lovers and collecting dust and dirt throughout the day means going to bed both exhausted and filthy. By packing EWG VERIFIED Action Wipes for the festival, you can be sure you will end each day clean, dry, and feeling ready to take on another. Remember to grab our Healing Honey Stick and Healing Honey Lip Goo to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Add in some hand sanitizer for post-porta potty use and remember - never flush or throw Action Wipes in the porta potties.

Make sure to check out this post about what Life Elements is doing to make all our products as sustainably as we can, as well as this one to see how you can repurpose your Action Wipes at festivals!


Lightning in a Bottle friends show off their Action Wipes Bandanas #festivalwipeIn addition to all the above necessities, here are the basics you need to simply go to the festival. Starting with your ticket, or more likely wristband, necessary to get into the event, we suggest you build onto your list with a fanny-pack sized bag in mind. Whether hip pack or backpack, it's important you have your hands free to boogie. Add in your phone and GoPro to immortalize the memories you are making all weekend, as well as any gifts you may want to exchange with others. Slip on some comfortable, broken-in shoes and you are good to go.


Being out in the hot sun all day can quickly turn leave you dry and thirsty, leading to heat exhaustion. Make sure to stay hydrated - drink plenty of water so you don't end up missing all the fun.


Lastly, if you are brave enough to face camping in the desert for a few nights, there are some additional items you are going to need. Pack trash bags to pick up after yourself, (don’t contribute to throw away culture!) tapestries to create shade at your site, and a flashlight to save you from fumbling around in the dark. If you are aiming to make friends, a boombox, deck of cards and plenty of snacks would be recommended as well.

Overall, it is most important to stay safe and have fun at the music festival of your choosing, which is much easier with Action Wipes, our SPF 30 Sunscreen,  Healing Honey Stick, and Healing Honey Lip Goo on your side. Purchase each individually, or save money with our Festival Survival Kit.

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