Team Specialized-lululemon and Women’s Cycling Association

Team Specialized-lululemon and WCA San Luis Obispo RideAs a brand we are lucky to have a product that people really like and we are privileged to hang out with a lot of incredible athletes who inspire us on a daily basis. This past week, Team Action Wipes was in the presence of amazing women cyclists - Team Specialized-lululemon.

Rubbing elbows and sharing the road with some of the top female cyclists in the world, including Evelyn Stevens, Ally Stacher and Robin Farina was both fun and inspirational. The weekend kicked off with a relaxing, private dinner party at the home of Action Wipes creators, Curt & Martha Van Inwegen, and ended with a Sunday ride through the roads of San Luis Obispo as part of a group ride and BBQ, sponsored by Team Specialized-lululemon and Women’s Cycling Association.  

Grace, character and humility. These are the words that come to mind when we think of the women that make up Team Specialized-lululemon. In the world of sports, there is a lot of adrenalin, ego and entitlement. It’s hard being an athlete and its harder to compete at an international level day in and day out. It takes a toll on your body and challenges you physically, emotionally and psychologically. So you can sometimes cut an athlete some slack if they seem aloof (cuz they’re focused), cocky (they gotta believe they will win) and fussy (gotta stay on that training diet). Not here… Team Specialized-lululemon is one of the top-ranked women’s cycling team in the world and yet each member exudes grace, character and humility. They welcomed everyone with open arms, talked everything from race strategy and nutrition, posed for a ton of photographs and led a couple of great rides through the roads of San Luis Obispo.

At the same time, the event was held to support the growth of women’s cycling worldwide by advancing policies with governing bodies and creating opportunities to develop new riders and grow the sport. Robin Farina is the President of the WCA (as well as the 2011 National Road Race Champion and a 2012 Olympic long team member) was there as well and talked with the group about the organization and the growth and impact they are having on the sport. It is more than an association; it’s definitely a movement. Sign up here to support the WCA and follow them on Twitter (@wca_tweet) and Facebook.

Team Specialized-lululemon in San Luis Obispo Ride

When you mix all that with some great food, beer and lots of laughs, it turned out to be a fun and inspiring day all around. We are proud to be associated with women’s cycling through our support of Team Specialized-lululemon and look forward to following them on their 2014 race season. Check ‘em out:

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