Kristin of STUFT MAMA Completes 37-Mile Treadmill Run for Charity

One of the most amazing things she’s ever done, that’s how Kristin Stehly of describes her recent 37-mile treadmill run for charity. Kristin is an incredible running inspiration and an Action Wipes ambassador, a.k.a. an Actioneer!

Exactly one week ago today, with determination and family by her side, Kristin took action to realize her goal: Running 37 miles to raise over $3,000 for 60 Feet, a non-profit bringing hope and restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa. 

Action Wipes was more than thrilled to be part of Kristin’s day, as one of the giveaway sponsors that supported her incredible, inspiring feat. 

In her recap blog post, she writes, “It was really great hitting that 30 mile mark. It was tough mentally just getting to 10 and then to 20. It was really weird getting to a marathon and realizing I still had 11 miles to go.” Alongside Kristin, many other runners took to the dreadmill and the streets to put in their miles.

Kristin was touched by the turn-out. “I pinch myself every morning because I can run again. I also tell myself that at any time if I’m not making a difference in a positive way with blogging or running, then, well, I better find something else to do.”

We are inspired and amazed by Kristin's dedication and willingness to take action for others. We encourage you to read Kristin’s full blog post here. WAY TO GO KRISTIN!