Save Water and Snag a 25% Discount!

While many of our friends are mired in brutal cold and snowy conditions, we out here in the west are suffering from a different sort of challenge. NO RAIN.

California DroughtLast month, California Governor Brown declared a statewide drought emergency. 2013 became the driest year on record in California since the mid 1800’s! For example, San Francisco had the least rain since record keeping there began during the gold rush of 1849. But California is not the only state that is suffering – Texas has been in a dry spell for several years too. Take a look at the United States Drought Monitor and you can see that much of that state is experiencing drought conditions, several from ‘extreme’ to ‘exceptional’.

And then there is West Virginia, where a different kind of water drought is happening - a nasty chemical spill earlier this month rendered over 300,000 people without clean water. It was so nasty, many are reporting a rash right after they've taken a shower.

So let’s start saving this precious resource.

One way to save water is to simply shower less. We know…we get it; you have a job and are in close contact with all sorts of people who probably wouldn’t appreciate you smelling like a high school gym locker.

But how big a deal is a shower when it comes to saving water?

With some data from Planet Green, let’s break it down:

In a typical 10-minute shower, you can use from 25 to 50 gallons of water. The average shower head pumps out about 19 liters (or 5 gallons) per minute [source: NCCES]. So, that's 50 gallons (189.3 liters) of water every morning. If you go for a green shower head that limits the water output, you would use about 2.5 gallons per minute or 25 gallons overall. But that's still using more water in just 10 minutes than families in Africa use in 24 hours [source: CCF].

California has a population of 38 million. If just 10% of our residents took one less shower a week using the conservative 25 gallons/shower, that would save an astounding 4.9 billion gallons a year!! Incredible. Here’s the math: (3.8 million X 25 gallons X 52 weeks = 4.94 billion).

So let’s shower less and save water. As an incentive to reduce water usage and spread the word about Action Wipes, we are offering a discount code of 25% off our online store, simply enter “SAVEWATER” at checkout. This way, you can still smell good and save money.

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