Introducing: The Actioneers!

The ACTIONEERS are a team of fitness enthusiasts who thrive on being active. These athletes lead bold explorations and take on the world with a passion for NATURE and ADVENTURE. Whether pedaling up steep trails, summiting mountain peaks, or camping under the stars, Actioneers are always ready to Take Action....and they always have Action Wipes along for the ride.

Evelyn Stevens

I found my passion for running when I moved to NYC after graduating from Dartmouth. I joined a bike clinic in Central Park that eventually lead me towards winning in my first professional race, and to the Summer Olympics in London.

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Ben Greenfield

I love getting fit, feeling good about the way my body looks, and fulfilling my deep-seeded drive to live life to the fullest by achieving difficult feats of physical performance. But I was fed up with feeling like crap from all the extreme exercising, strange foods, feeling of constant stress and soreness, and worry about the toll my hectic lifestyle was taking on my body. So I have found a way of training, eating and living that is perfectly healthy and natural, but still allows me to look, feel and perform at my peak capabilities.

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Dimity McDowell

I am loving Colorado life here in Denver with my two kids, dog, and husband. I am crazy about running and have a need for speed!

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Sarah Bowen Shea

I live in Portland with my hubby, three kids, and my cat Miller. Running is my passion, especially when I am listening to music from Macklemore or Usher!

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Melissa Edge

I'm a mom, wife, avid runner, nature lover and amateur chef. I enjoy spending my free time adventuring with my family. Living in Moab provides us with an outdoor playground where we do a lot of hiking, biking, camping and exploring. We also do a lot of traveling to national parks and areas around the West. My husband and I own a photography gallery in Moab, so when I am not playing outside I am working the gallery. I have a great balance of work and play, but starting Dec. 1 I will have 3 months of nothing but play time, as the gallery is closed for the Winter. Woo hoo!

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Kasey Arena 

Certified Personal Trainer & Blogger.  Owner of POWERCAKES, LLC. Bachelors Degree in Health & Physical Education. Graduated with Honors from Slippery Rock University of PA. Kasey is a fitness, health, and food enthusiast and the creator and voice behind the POWERCAKES blog and website.     Kasey has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, cooking and baking. Kasey prides herself on teaching the importance of proper nutrition combined with fun recipes, the love for fitness, and inspiring others to find their own balance in life. Kasey stresses a healthy personal outlook with her motto, “Be true to you!” and truly believes that you can live an abundant life in all areas as long as you stay true to yourself.

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Steve Weiss

I am transient backcountry snowboarder and rock climber pursing my dream life as a sponsored athlete. I love traveling and pursuing to push myself in the sports that I love.

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Lorri Lee Lown

I'm an unlikely athlete who has somehow become an icon in the cycling world.  It's humbling and uncomfortable at times.  I'm considered a connector and an influencer, which I find interesting in a male-dominated industry such as the bike world.  I love people and an so lucky that I have a job that allows me to help them succeed and improve their self esteem.  There really isn't anything better in this world.     As a lifelong non-athlete, I started riding a bicycle 14 years ago and began coaching 12 years ago.  I founded Velo Girls in 2002 and introduced Savvy Bike (a new business ID for my coaching services) in 2001.  I've been active in the cycling community on a regional and national level, with the Northern California Nevada Cycling Association, USA Cycling, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, the Norcal High School Cycling League, Trips for Kids, AIDS/LifeCycle, Turning Wheels for Kids, and other organizations.  I'm a frequent speaker at bike shops, corporations, and bike clubs.  I've also worked for Sea Otter Classic and the Specialized Women Sports Camp (Lake Tahoe).

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Amelia Mayer

I am a mom, wife and lover of the outdoors!  I have a 2 and 4 year old, with Baby #3 due in February.  I am happiest when I am outside moving and find my family to be so also (hence our motivation for being outside and blogging too!)

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Raquel Miller

I'm a Midwesterner at heart!  I came to NYC 10yrs ago and can't think of any place I would rather be at this point in my life.  A few years after my move, I got connected with a local triathlon team and a few years and several running injuries later, I started road racing.  I've been road racing since 2011 and am not a Cat 1 rider.  I have very big aspirations and I hope to inspire many women along the way!

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Kristin Stehly

I'm a marathon running, fitness instructing, kitchen experimenting mom of 4 year old twin boys. Life is crazy, but I love every minute of it. Blogging and trying to find a balance between everything is my job. 

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Jen Charrette

Velo Mom is a place to connect, discuss wellness, find inspiration, and get motivated. It's about the bike and so much more. In addition to my Velo Mom blog I also do a lot with our new non-profit the Axel Project. The mission there is to get kids and families on bikes (starting with balance bikes). We focus on giving them to families in need, pre-schools, therapy and rec. centers that do not have the funds to purchase them. I am also launching Pedal Adventures in 2014. It will be a guide to the best cycling areas with a focus on families.

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Heidi Kumm

I am an "active living blogger" who will jump at any chance to get into the mountains. More often than not my free time is spent on the trails running, mountain biking, hiking or snowboarding. I rarely turn down the opportunity to try something new and love sharing my experiences with others - either online or in person!

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RaeLynn Milley

The loves of my life are my husband, dog, family, my friends and of course my bikes. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and being a "pedalanthropist."  I don't own a TV, but I do own a mini-van--well; it's actually an adventure van!

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Celia Riechel

Celia works in land conservation and environmental policy in Massachusetts. Although she loves saving forests, farms, and wetlands, and crunching numbers about how much carbon dioxide they store (a lot--don't develop open space!), she has a lot of energy from a childhood spent running around outside. What keeps her in her seat and focused at work? Getting outdoors and playing hard!

Celia, a 2014 Action Wipes ambassador (aka an Actioneer!) loves all sports, and her current endeavor is competitive cycling, racing with Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation. A former collegiate rugby and field hockey player, Celia also spent four years as a wildland firefighter. She is drawn to physically demanding outdoor pursuits, and she is not afraid to get dirty! 

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Leslie Lupien 


Leslie is getting her PhD in the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine at Dartmouth College. Originally from Pomfret, Ct, she moved to Boston and was taken-in by a wonderful group of cyclists in the Zimmer Capital p/b Foundation

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