Top 10 Reasons that Cross Country Skiing is my Favorite!

Amelia, aka "Mountain Mama", is a proud member of our Actioneers team--an ambassador that brings unique experience, expertise, and voice to Action Wipes. Amelia is extremely family oriented and shares stories of their adventures from out on the trails and in the mountains. She aims to help inspire families to get outdoors and explore, even with young children.


I will readily admit that winter is my favorite season, followed by any time of the year that doesn’t have me sweating and panting in the heat.  While I enjoy many sports and activities, I have a special place in my heart for cross-country skiing.  It is something I have done for most of my life and I now share with my husband and young children.  


While the sport appears to different people for different reasons, we love that it spans multiple generations, ages and abilities.  Here are my top ten reasons why XC Skiing is my favorite sport: 

  1. It’s great exercise that keeps you warm (since you are moving) in cold temperatures
  2. The learning curve is low – it’s a fairly easy sport to pick up and learn on your own (if you can walk, you can at least move your skis.  Efficiency comes with time and practice.)
  3. Renting the gear (try before you buy) is usually cheap and easy to find (look for it at bigger outdoor gear “box stores” and small local shops too).
  4. It’s great for kids too (as long as you are willing to slow down and be patient) – even ambitious 2 year olds!
  5. It allows you to get into untouched country and snow.
  6. Depending on your ability level and motivation, it can be done either rather slowly and carefully (even late in pregnancy – see photo) or with zeal!
  7. It justifies hot toddies and hot chocolate afterwards
  8. It’s a great way to travel into off-the-path cabins, yurts and backcountry lodges in the winter.
  9. The views (mountains, fields and wildlife!)
  10. It’s fun!


Amelia lives with her husband and three children in Yellowstone National Park.  As a family, they love to stay active and outdoors and find peace and sanity on the trail.  Amelia loves to ski, run, hike, camp, bike and challenge herself.  She also writes over at Tales of a Mountain Mama in an attempt to inspire others with young families to get outside and move!

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