The Ragnar Relay by Melissa Edge

Have you ever run a relay race before?

Do you have your packing strategy down and know what items you need to bring along? Being a newbie to the relay race scene I was totally stumped as to what I should pack for my first relay. I was running the Ragnar Relay - Napa Valley with my team, The Cork Soakers, and I had no idea what I was in for. I’ve run numerous half marathons and have traveled across state lines for them, so I pretty much know what I need to have a successful race. The relay was totally different for me, especially, when you throw in the mix - a relay, traveling in a van for hundreds of miles, sleeping in a van, eating in a van, and sharing close quarters with some strangers and friends. I was at a loss for exactly what I needed. Thankfully my good friend who’s an experienced relay runner shared her checklist with me and here are 5 IMPORTANT items you don’t want to forget. (This does not take into account the required items…headlamp, vest, etc.)


3 running outfits: After each leg you don’t want to hang out in sweaty clothes or put your sweaty running clothes back on. Ewe!


Change of clothes to lounge/relax/sleep in in-between race legs. You want to be comfortable or as comfortable as you can possibly be while traveling in a van for 24 hours.


Pillow: I purchased a small Pillow Pet, the Toucan to be exact, and it was perfect.  A pillow will make life a bit more comfortable when you’re trying to catch some zzzzzz’s in-between race legs, especially at night. And if you happen to sleep on a gym floor (like we did) a pillow is a nice addition to the hard floor.


Wisps toothbrushes. These are SO convenient. You don’t have to worry about a toothbrush and toothpaste. Wisps are an all-in-one on-the-go toothbrush. They do a good enough job to get you by for 24 hours.


♦ Baby wipes ACTION WIPES! Before I knew about Action Wipes I was using baby wipes and you could always hear me complaining about their smell and the sticky feeling I had after using them. Plus, I never felt clean or fresh from them and because I am a stinky girl (yep, I am) I always felt like I smelled of a horrible combination of body odor and baby wipes. Ewe! My poor teammates! They were nice enough to never complain or point out how smelly I was but I knew. You know you’re stinky when you can smell your own self. I REALLY wish I had Action Wipes on that trip but going forward they are a MUST! It would be so nice to feel clean, non-smelly and non-sticky. Everyone would appreciate that, too.


I’m hoping to do another relay race soon and I guarantee Action Wipes will be packed in abundance. I’ll be passing them out to everyone I know and see because they are that great!


What relay race is on your bucket list? Have you used Action Wipes before?


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