Action Wipes and Shark Tank

Season 6 Shark Tank and Body WipesWe get asked all the time if we have applied for Shark Tank. In fact we often are TOLD that we should audition for the show. So here's our Shark Tank Story.

Martha WAS invited to participate in the 1st season of Shark Tank way back in the early days of the show and just as Action Wipes was picking up steam. We thought about it long and hard but ultimately decided to pass based on the crazy contractual language that was required, which included terms such as "in perpetuity..." and "...throughout the universe."  (NOTE: The terms of the Shark Tank contracts have since been simplified) When we passed, Martha introduced another wipe company (Grease Monkey Wipes) who were picked up and ultimately got a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjevic (40% for a $40,000 investment).

We always thought their success was great for raising awareness about the product, especially since the Action Wipes and Grease Monkey wipes were really for different applications. In the end, the competition heated up with more and more “natural body wipes” appearing on the market, but all it did was help to boost the awareness of the category and increase sales of Action Wipes...and that was great for us.

So recently, one of our competitors in the Body Wipe category called Paper Shower, posted recently on their blog that they were, "...informed by the Casting Department at ABC Television that [they] are in the final group of companies being considered for appearing on Season 6."

What do we think? We think it is awesome and will continue to raise awareness for the category, because we know absolutely that Action Wipes will see a lift in sales. We saw it happen before with Grease Monkey Wipes and most recently with our Life Elements sister company, TheraBee, when Shark Tank hosted a Kids-Themed Episode back in March where Henry Miller of Henry's Humdingers Honey got an offer from Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec to buy out 75% of Henry’s flavored honey company for $300k. In the end, the deal didn't go thru, but once again, sales for TheraBee's Culinary honey went up.

So Sharks----Bring it!