A Message From The Founders

We sent our a newsletter to our subscribers this past weekend letting them know what the status is on Action Wipes availability. We thought it best if you hear it directly from us, so we (Curt and Martha) sat down and shot a quick video to tell you from the heart how its going and when you can expect to see Action Wipes in your hands. One of the reasons for the delay in this initial production run is that we requested multiple bacteria and mold testing to make sure this first batch is up to our standards and not subject to the issues encountered when the brand was not in our control. Why? Because a key tenet from our values is this:


The Short Version

  1. We have a much higher degree of confidence than we've had over the last couple months that the dates are getting firmer. Best case scenario is that we'll have new product ready to ship the week of Christmas (Probably not in time for Santa though), but we're going to call the public announcement the first of the year.
  2. We will let you know when Pre-orders will be available so you can get a jump on everyone else and score a discount on your shipment.
  3. We are super stoked to have some new products being added to the mix besides the amazingly great Action Wipes. Stay tuned.

The Long and Friendly Version

We made a video to (re)introduce ourselves to you and to answer all your questions. Check it out.

 Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments (on the product or our video). Sign up for our Newsletter at the bottom of our Home Page. Thank you.


Curt & Martha
Action Wipes
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