Hollywood Reporter Says: "This Is How to Get Instant Clean in the New Year"

Action Wipes are BIG Body WipesWe like it when people talk about Body Wipes, even when its about our competition (The Athletic Body Wipe by Showerpill); as they did today in the Hollywood Reporter Style Section. It helps raise awareness that there are alternatives when you're cycling, running or working out and not popping in the shower before heading off to work or a meeting...And you certainly don't want to use Baby Wipes! Remember, we trademarked the line,"Your Face is Not a Baby's Butt; So Don't Wipe it Like One!"

But as we've always said...Size does matter and read the labels! ShowerPill is a small wipe (8" X 9") compared to Action Wipes (9" X 10") and their ingredients include a couple we wouldn't want on our skin or in our body (and certainly not in our wipes):

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13: is a chemical derived biocide and commonly used in mass market skin disinfectants. Percentages of 0.004% to 0.01% can be caustic and cause irreversible damage to the cornea.

Phenoxyethanol: An anti-bacterial and stabilizer found in normal stuff like cosmetics, perfume and... jet fuel.  Studies have shown that Phenoxyethanol can be an extreme irritant to the eyes and skin, and can even cause blistering. The FDA is looking into this one because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea in infants by depressing the central nervous system. 

We even have an entire page devoted to our ingredients, so please check it out and make the decision yourself.

Source: Hollywood Reporter http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/style

And hey Liev Schreiber, since they used your picture in this article, make sure you put the good stuff on you, your kids and your beautiful wife --We'll even send you some Action Wipes for free.





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This Is How to Get Instant Clean in the New Year