Do you really need to shower everyday?

Do you need to shower everyday?A hot topic these days is the necessity to shower every day. In a recent article by Yahoo! Health - writer/reporter Grace Gold delves into the topic after an uproar over The View's guest, Naya Rivera made a comment about how she doesn't shower every day.  Based on Ms. Gold's research, “Daily showering is a more cultural phenomenon than medical necessity." But what about that pesky B.O.? "For many people, bacteria that accumulate in sweat-prone areas can build up quickly and produce body odor, says New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group." Yeah... no kidding. So what do you do?

Too much soap (or the wrong kind) and hot water that's too hot can strip you skin's natural barriers leaving you with dry itchy skin, so the two key takeaways are:

Focus on the areas where you actually sweat – your underarms, private areas and feet. That's where the sweat glands are and the bacteria concentrates. Kill the bacteria and you'll knock out the stink.

Shower Less, Use Wipes - (you knew this was coming!) If you use body wipes, then PLEASE look at the ingredients. Last thing you want to do is use alcohol or paraben-laden wipes that poison your body. Action Wipes are formulated using nature's most precious therapeutic ingredients and purest essential oils and are safe for every part of your body.  

Oh...Don't forget to change your underwear and socks! Bacteria gets caught in the fabric and will quickly propagate into body odor.