Ignorance is Bliss. Knowledge is Power

Note: This is a race recap from our good friend Heidi Volpe, who in her spare time as a creative Director and Designer routinely rides a bike longer and faster than most anyone we know. Here's her story of the benefits of our Healing Honey Stick after winning the 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike race on a Singlespeed (in the Yukon)!!!

In her words:

Blissful Ignorance

The hardest part of race prep that morning was keeping the squirrels out of my cardboard box of goodies for the race. Lucky for me my bike got hung up in customs so I didn't get a chance to pre-ride. Had I done a lap, I'm certain I would have spent the night pondering my gearing and why was I the only one in the entire race on a single speed.

Who doesn't do their first 24 hr solo race, unsupported, on a Single Speed, in the Yukon? I didn't think it was that strange until about hour 20 when I finally decided it's time to call it [Editor's note: She was in the lead]. The course had enough technical spots that my seat turned into a hatchet and my terrible rookie move of not using chamois cream was a deal breaker. The harsh reality set in of an 8+ hr flight back to the States; then jumping in to work right after that gave me pause.

Powerful Knowledge

I was smart enough to have packed a Life Elements Healing Honey Stick and happily applied that after I carefully peeled off my shorts [Editor's note: Heidi's live telling of this story is a lot more graphic...Her wounds were pretty gnarly]. It's as if I used some kind of magic honey potion. Most, if not all, of the discomfort went away. It wasn't overly greasy and it thankfully had healed very, very fast. I love the therapeutic benefits of honey, especially the anti bacterial properties from Propolis in treating wounds. -Heidi Volpe

(Editor's note: Heidi won the race in the solo female category with 16 laps. Whitehorse’s Meagan Wilson placed second with 13 laps. They were all smiles on the podium)






Heidi Volpe: 2013 winner in the solo female category with 16 laps

Head on over to the 24 Hours of Light website to learn more about the race (June 27, 2015)

Photo Credit: Contagious Mountain Bike Club