Meet Darren Berrecloth - Freerider

Darren Berrecloth | Freerider | Photo: Berrecloth | Freerider | Photo: Berrecloth | Freerider | Photo: Berrecloth | Freerider | Photo:

Photo Credits: Darren Barrecloth

We had a chance encounter at this year's Sea Otter Classic with one of the premiere mountain bike freeriders in the world. That encounter turned into the beginning of a very cool relationship. Darren is a Red Bull and Specialized sponsored rider who travels the world riding some of the most remote, spectacular and gnarly terrain around. You can get a taste of just how gnarly by watching the "Where The Trail Ends" trailer.  We got to catch up with him in between trips from Peru to Spain. He was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us:


Hope your travels were awesome…was wondering if you’d be up to answer a few questions?

No problem, Currently waiting to jump on a plane to Spain.

Why were you drawn to Freeriding?

I was drawn to freeriding for the freedom it gave me, I have no limitations on where I can ride and what I can do.

A lot of your rides seem to be in places you’ve never ridden before, so how do you mentally prep for your rides?

Well, riding a new trail is extremely fun due to the fact that it's all new.  I try and ride new trails often so I get accustomed to making quick decisions rather than knowing the trail.

What is your nutrition philosophy when training? and when riding?

I try my best to eat raw organic vegetables and the meat I consume usually only consists of the meat and fish I kill. I love deer, elk, and moose. When it comes to supplementing I load up with Avena Orginals products - it's insane the difference they make.

You travel to some pretty wild and remote places….Outside of bicycle-specific gear, what are some critical items in your luggage you never leave home without?

Enzymes and probiotics and just recently a couple of packs of Action Wipes for those long days.

You’ve had some injuries. Outside of being mortal—what have you learned about your body or your mind during  some of those recuperation periods?

I've learned a lot really, mainly that nutrition is key and a healthy balance with strength and mobility is the way to go folks.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I like it all except Yanni LOL

Why were you drawn to our booth at Sea Otter and want to use our products?

Well I love to travel and go on crazy adventures, so having a non toxic body wipe is like a dream to have on ya at all times. Especially when camping in the desert.
There's nothing like a shower in a bag!

Thanks Darren…Ride hard and travel safe…


Check out Darren's very cool life on Instagram and Twitter.