Quality Products are Better for You

Patagonia Iron Clad Guarantee.

We are only slightly obsessed with Patagonia as a corporate role model. We love their products and most importantly we love their ethos around the idea that we really don’t need a lot of stuff; just GOOD stuff that lasts. As the image above implies, Patagonia's Ironclad guarantee tells the customer they can, "...return it to [Patagonia] for a repair, replacement or refund." When a manufactured product is durable, everybody benefits:
  1. The consumer enjoys a product that doesn’t have to be replaced, and if chosen correctly, doesn’t go out of style;  thereby saving money over the long haul and simplifying their life.
  2. The environment is impacted less because we don’t need to produce as much, use as many resources to produce new products and thereby dumping less stuff into the landfill
  3. The manufacturer is able to build a reputation as a producer of quality goods and concurrently grow their business based on sustainable margins and a customer base that believes in quality

For ourselves, we are trying very hard to follow those ethos by actively encouraging our users to re-use, re-purpose and up-cycle their used Action Wipes. To that end, we are excited by the response we received to our Action Wipes Recharger, which allows you to "recharge" your used and cleaned wipes. Sign up for our email list here so you can be sure to get your sample ReCharger kit once we make it available to customers.

For your reading and viewing pleasure, here are a few stories that have come out in the last few days that really hammer home these messages and highlight Patagonia as a model for how a company can be successful while still respecting the planet. They definitely inspire us and we hope they inspire you!

Don't Buy Clothes You Don't Need [NBC News/Today.com]

Patagonia: A Seemingly Counterintuitive Business Model [PBS NewsHour/Making Sense]

Climate Change is the most important threat to our landscapes and trout streams [Hatch Magazine] A blog post that speaks to the impact of climate change, which is directly affected by manufacturing's footprint on the environment.

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[Image credit: Patagonia & Patagonia.com]