A Request For Help

We want to try something. We want to create a crowdsource distribution referral network. We want to leverage you, our fantastic customers and evangelists to help us create a more sustainable business.

Since our inception, we have done a lot of good through personal, team and event sponsorships, donations and just giving product away without asking for anything in return. We’ve done this through social media; blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and even MySpace. And you have helped create the success that has got us this far.

You have consistently and continually told us that (to quote the late, great Steve Jobs) we make insanely great products, and we agree. But this is a business and we want to expand our mission. In order to turn this great product into a great business, we need help. We need 'your' help.

In the economics of business, making a profit is not evil, making a profit means that we can be sustainable so we can continue making great products and help you in your daily lives by providing something of value…something that is healthy, useful and enhances your life.

In today’s market, there are too many products that are made just to be bought, but not appreciated. Everything you have told us is that you sincerely appreciate our product, you send us pictures, you blog and you thank us for making a really great product.

In the big scheme of things, our product is relatively inexpensive. And mind you, that when we do the math, in order to sell you a product for a $1.00 to a $1.25, we have to sell it at a much lower cost to the shops and distributors, which means we have to sell a ton (literally) of Action Wipes in order to make it a sustainable business.

So how can you help?

We are sure that one of you knows somebody, who knows somebody that can help us spread the word about our products. We need celebrity endorsements, consumer publication reviews and talk show hosts to talk about Action Wipes. We need you to tell your friends, co-workers, team mates, local shops, favorite celebrities, bands, talk shows, private jet services, airlines, coaches, schools, travel agents, everybody (yes, even TMZ and Howard Stern!) - about Action Wipes.

Additionally, right now we sell Action Wipes direct to you through our online store and limited distribution amongst our wonderful retailers and other online stores. But what we really need to turn this great product into a great sustainable business is DISTRIBUTION.

For a product that we have to wholesale for roughly 50 cents, we need to sell a LOT to keep this going. Again, it’s not about us making a killing, it’s about creating a business that is sustainable, so we can expand the product line with more great products that are good for all of us. We are sure that one of you knows somebody, who knows somebody in the retail business or the distribution business.

Help us find a national distributor, someone that can help us get Action Wipes into national stores like Dicks, REI, Sephora, Target... and regional chains that you may know about.

And if you don't know any distributors, go into your local shops, spas, yoga studios, everywhere, and ask them to carry Action Wipes. If the retailer places an order, we'll give you a 25ct bag or one of our soon to be released, 30ct pouches of Action Wipes and promote your story on our blog.

Is that worth it to you? We don't know, but we’re hoping that you will at least mention us to one person who can help us in fulfilling our mission to create safe, effective and all natural products that are good for our body's and our environment. In return, we will help you in any way we can.

Spread the Karma.

Thank you!