Shark Tank Bites on Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes

The headlines we were interested in this weekend included: "Mark Cuban just made a $300,000 investment in wipes for guys’ butts". Say what? The company in question is Dude Products, which as you can see in the image above clearly focuses on a narrow slice of the market. Another competitor looking for an investment is Good Wipes, which promotes themselves as "Butt Wipes for both genders." Whatever happened to good ol TP? We like Shark Tank investor Daymond John's Twitter response of "Is this a needed product?" We don't really think so, but we do like the fact that investors are recognizing the market potential of quality Body Wipes. In fact, if Dude Products and their Dude Wipes butt products gets a valuation of $1.2 million, then a company that serves both men AND women's overall hygiene, like Action Wipes, should get a valuation of at least $2.4 million...right?!

Here's why we like the deal for Action Wipes:

Preventing Cancer and Saving Water...Instead of butt wiping | We'll just take the high road here. According to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network,"Cancer has become the most dangerous threat to the health and safety of America's firefighters." We currently provide Action Wipes to thousands of firefighters around the country to help protect themselves from cancer.   Not only that, but with the severe drought in the west, we are actively promoting the fact that Action Wipes is a true shower alternative.

Reduce, reuse and recycle | All body wipes are disposableAction Wipes Blanket products that clog our landfill and flushable wipes are a worldwide disaster that are prompting class action lawsuits across the globe. We are the ONLY Body Wipe manufacturer promoting the idea of repurposing your wipes, not to mention the fact that Action Wipes are the ONLY Body Wipes that can sustain machine washing without falling apart, which is why people are sewing used Action Wipes into full size quilts and why we think we can move beyond wipes altogether with our Action Wipes ReCharger.

Mother Runners and Action Wipes. Photo Credit: Another Mother Runner & Multigender | Action Wipes customers include both men and women, including elite athletes like Rebecca Rusch, Ally StacherVelocio - SRAM Professional Women's Cycling team as well as all the Mother Runners out there. Additionally, Action Wipes are used for a whole range of activities outside the bathroom! They have been used to help athletes from the South Pole to the top of Kilimanjaro to brutal conditions of Burning Man, the Dakar Rally and the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Natural Proprietary Formula | Our products are for people who truly care about what they put in AND on their bodies, which is why our wipe formula has been carefully created and developed in a our formulation laboratory, which is ECOCERT, USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO) Certified. Not only that but we actually list our ingredients for all to see on our website and how Action Wipes compare to every other major "Body" wipe on the market.

More Than Wipes | We are more than just a wipe company. We do want to solve a problem for people by giving them natural products that are healthy for their bodies and the environment. Check out our complete line and decide for yourself.

Made in the USA | Need we say more?


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