Action Wipes Multi-Pack Arriving!

Action Wipes Multi-packArriving this week!!

 After years of you asking, and months of us teasing you, our new Action Wipes multi-packs arrive this week!

To celebrate, we are offering a pre-order special now thru next Monday, March 5. So please be sure to check it out.

Here’s what you’re going to love about Action Wipes multi-pack:

First, the design – Thanks to our graphic designer, Hillary Amborn of SeaChange Studio, the graphics are beautiful and give you an immediate sense of “refreshing and clean”. The icons she created are fun and immediately recognizable. It’s fun and pleasing to the eye and will certainly stand out on store shelves. (Hillary is also responsible for our new website design!)

Second - To ensures the wipes don’t dry out quickly like other packs on the market, we added two layers of protection – an inside peal & seal and a “snap shut” lid.

Third - We added two new ingredients to the already fabulous formulation.

The first - (this is the most exciting for us) a 100% natural, plant derived preservative.  Why are we so excited about this? Because we are the first in the industry with a 100% natural, body wipe in a multi-pack. Some other wipes claim to be 97-98% natural, which is good, but not good enough!

Why did we add it? Because with a multipack, there is more opportunity to introduce bacteria into the package each time you put your fingers in it. If bacteria get’s in there and grows, the entire package becomes contaminated and must be thrown away. Not a good thing. 

Why don’t other manufacturers use a 100% natural preservative? Because it’s expensive – for example: $60 an ounce for chemical base vs. $200 an ounce for natural! But we believe it’s worth it. And we believe you will appreciate that we’ve taken extra care to ensure you’re not putting any synthetic, carcinogenic or harsh chemicals on your body.

 The second: Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) oil.  This is one of my most favorite essential oils – it has an exotic, sensual scent used as an aphrodisiac in perfumes. Yeah baby! It also evokes calmness and helps sooth minor skin irritation.

Why did we add it? Because we wanted to balance the citrus scent of the preservative in order to maintain scent uniformity between the new multi-pack and the singles. If you take a whiff, you won’t smell much difference, but if you get a little horny, now you’ll know why! (Afterall, they're not called "Action" Wipes for nothing.)

So what’s next for Action Wipes? A new packaging design and formula change for the singles so that they will be in line with the mult!i-pack design and formulation.

Thanks for your patience and please - buy a multi-pack.