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Can We Ask A Favor?


and LivingSocial have launched “Mission: Small BusinessSM,” a new grant program offering up to $3 million to small business owners nationwide. Chase and LivingSocial have invited small business owners who have been in business for at least two years and have less than 100 employees (that's us!)  to enter the program. The program, will award up to 12 individual grants of $250,000. But, in order to qualify to enter, we must secure at least 250 votes! Once we have the votes, the winners will be chosen based upon our written essay about why our business is unique, a proposed plan for utilizing the grant and description on how the business is involved with our community.

As a small business, I can't begin to tell you how much a grant like this would mean to us. It would give us the capital needed to continue operations, hire an assistant so that I can focus on sales and distribution, expand our product line (I have some amazing ideas), develop new point of sales displays and help with PR/marketing.  

Since the inception of Action Wipes, we have been working with a zero marketing budget in order to bring awareness to our amazing product. Our growth to date has all been through word of mouth, social media, sponsorships and leaving samples in vehicle door handles, bicycle seats, baby carriages, running shoes and even soliciting the help of small boys with huge smiling faces that you can't resist- to put a sample in your hand as you cross the finish line at triathlons and marathons! Yes, I'm shamless and I've made a fool of myself on many occasion (kinda like Spock - the one for the many!), but I believe all these efforts have been worth it. And while we continue to grow and gain new fans, it's time to step it up! 

Action Wipes are amazing, and I'm not just saying this because I created them, I'm saying this because you've told me so. I've put my heart and soul into developing this product so that it represents nothing less than what I expect from exceptional products. However, we can't continue to work on a "hope" budget (I hope they write about us, I hope that distributor picks ups up, I hope, I hope, I hope)... We need real funds. So please, would you mind taking a few moments to vote for us?

I'll walk you through the three easy steps...(Because this is sponsored by livingsocial, you'll need a facebook account to register and vote.)

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Finally, vote in Step 3:

Thank you so, so much! With your continued support, we're going to take this small business to new heights! And if you feel compelled, please ask your friends for their vote too. And of course, they can always visit our site to see what we're all about...

Forever grateful ~ Martha