Beat the Summer Heat

Our bodies rely on sweating as the primary means of internal temperature control. Tiny glands beneath the skin produce beads of sweat, which evaporate soon after they come into contact with the air, cooling the surface of the skin. Those bulging veins and delicate capillaries on our bodies are taking advantage of the evaporative process to cool the blood by routing it near the surface of the skin.

Under normal circumstances, these natural adaptations are sufficient to keep our body temperature within safe parameters on hot summer days. But when we exert ourselves in high heat and humidity, there is greater risk of overheating and thus becoming ill.

A sponge bath with cool water, or cool Action Wipes can help from overheating. Similar to reducing a baby’s fever by placing a cool bottle on the inside of their wrists, place a cool Action Wipe around your neck, between your wrists and even around your ankles. As the blood is cooled and recirculated, it will help regulate your core body temperature.

Once you’ve cooled down, use the wipe to clean off the dried salt from your face and body. An added benefit of using Action Wipes is that it helps remove Poison Ivy or Poison Oak oils if you happen to brush against them while hiking, mountain biking or climbing. Just make sure to clean the area as soon as possible.

This summer, when temperatures get hot, put Action Wipes in your fridge or outdoor cooler for an amazing, clean feeling!