Surgery After Care

This is one of those powerful testimonials where I thank God we can be a small part of someone's life...

Action Wipes for LVADHello, A year ago my husband was facing a medical crisis which would only be resolved by receiving a heart transplant. A heart was not forthcoming and he was getting closer to death when his team of physicians at Yale offered him a temporary solution. The solution was to place a left ventricular device (LVAD) which is a pump placed inside the abdomen. It forces the blood through the heart and keeps a person alive while waiting for a heart. The device is battery driven and the cords come out of the body and into a battery pack for mobility. At other times it goes directly into a electrical outlet. Once this device is placed, patients can no longer bathe, shower or be anywhere near water in an effort to prevent infection at the site where the cord exits the body. Infection can severely compromise the patient making them ineligible for a transplant. Looking for a solution to keeping my husband clean, I found your product. it worked well.

The wipes offer a great alternative to keeping clean when you can no longer shower and this may also be broadened to other types of patients for whom infection is a risk. We are most fortunate in that after 9 months with the LVAD, my husband did receive the gift of a new heart. He is doing well! ~ Christina, CT