Evolution and Reflection

Action Wipes Logo - Fluid MovementAs I reflect on our new partnership with Harbinger, one of the outcomes is a redesign of our logo and packaging to incorporate the Harbinger brand. You can already see the redesigned logo on our website and will see the redesigned packaging later this spring.

What’s important to note is that these changes are an evolution to better reflect the Action Wipes brand and Harbinger relationship. In fact, as I go back through my archives, we’ve changed the packaging and design what seems like every year. These are just a few of the designs from our past:

Action Wipes Packaging History

What hasn’t changed, and will not change, are the key values of the Action Wipes brand and product…Quality, Service, Sustainable Fun, Honesty and Trust.

As a small business owner, I created a fantastic product, but the real value of the business is the ability to expose it to more people. Through Harbinger, we now have the ability to sell to a global audience. That is exciting. And that means the power of our brand will grow stronger.

Logos and package design will continue to evolve, just like logos from other famous brands such as Burton Snowboards and Apple. But our brand promise won’t change.

So looking ahead, we look forward to more products that will follow under that brand in a long, endearing partnership with Harbinger that will continue to bring value to our customers.