Lucky or Unlucky?

Four Leaf CloverWith St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I’ve had my eyes peeled for a four leaf clover that will bring me the luck of the Irish.

If you are taking advantage of daylight savings time by going on longer walks, hiking, or mountain biking through back roads lined with wild flowers, then you too probably have your eyes peeled for one of these lucky charms.

If so, make sure it is a lucky charm and not an unlucky rash you may be picking! What may appear as clover may actually be Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) or Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans). Make sure you know the difference between these plants before you pick anything!

There’s a reason why the scientific names of Poison Oak and Poison Ivy begin with “Toxic” – the urushiol oil, which is the activeClover compared to poison oak ingredient in the leaves and stalks of these plants, can cause a serious, itchy rash that spreads like wild fire (and feels like it too).

Should you get unlucky and pick the wrong leaf, you can take steps to prevent a rash from occurring by cleaning the urushiol oils off your skin as soon as possible. The fastest, most convenient way is with Action Wipes. The sudsing action in the wipes will help remove the oils from your skin and prevent the rash from forming*. How do I know? Click here and find out!

Little known fact: As nasty as these plants can be, the pollen from the flowers makes the most amazing, tasting honey!

* This has not been medically proven. Some people may develop a rash regardless of treatment. Consult a physician should a rash develop.