The 31st Annual Wildflower Triathlon

Action Wipes body wipes at Wildflower TriathlonFive years ago this weekend, Action Wipes were launched at the Wildflower Triathlon. This is the event that proved to the market there was a need for a safe, natural shower alternative for athletes.

The response was incredible, humbling and motivated us to go full speed ahead. Sure, there were a couple other wet wipes on the market at the time, but neither seemed to care about the importance of keeping parabens, synthetic fragrances and other chemicals off your body. As we always say - what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. Read the ingredients list!

SSampling body wipes at Wildflower Triathlono we set out to change all that in the Body Wipe category.

Fast forward five years and now there are many ‘me too’ products available, but still, none can compare with the quality and effectiveness of Action Wipes. Thank you again to all our customers and friends.

Ben Greenfield (pictured with our original package) was our one of our first fans and continues to be an evangelist to this day!

Ben Greenfield at Wildflower Triathlon 2008To all the amazing and inspirational athletes headed to the 31st Annual Wildflower Triathlon, GOOD LUCK! 

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