Schools Out For Summer

With just a week or two to go, school kids are excited and ready for summer. If you’re a busy parent and haven’t had time to plan the summer break, click here for a look at this summer planning guide.

No doubt you will be taking a family road trip. If you are packing a cooler full of snacks and drinks for the family, be sure to throw in some Action Wipes in the cooler. After a hot day of hiking or playing at the beach there is nothing like a cool, full body wipe with soothing tea tree and Eucalyptus oil to wipe off the dust and sweat and bring smiles to the family.

And if you are in a rush and don’t have time to get everyone home for a bath and shower before heading into a restaurant, Action Wipes make a perfect shower alternative. Full Body Wipes on Ice

Whatever you do this summer, have fun, enjoy the time with your family and thank you packing some Action Wipes.