Inspirational Running Day

body wipes for after runningToday, we celebrate two major events in the running world…

1)  National Running Day – A day when runners everywhere share their passion for running – one of the best and simplest ways to stay fit.  So whether you’re running before or after work, to work, during lunch or sometime in between – the important thing is you’re running and staying fit. Way to go! And, just like on Bike to Work Day, our full body wipes are here to help you clean off all the sweat before anyone has a chance to say “eew”!

2)  Today, Winter Vinecki, the 14 year-old founder of Team Winter, runs “The Most Difficult Marathon in the World” on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. While we wish we could be there cheering for her at the finish line, we are there in spirit and support (and with Action Wipes in her travel and marathon survival bag).  This marks marathon number four in her quest to become the youngest person to run seven marathons in seven countries – in addition to becoming an Olympic skier!

Winter Vinecki in Girls LifeIf you still don’t know this amazing, young athlete after all these years that we have been sponsoring and speaking about Winter, or the media attention she’s garnered, then it’s time to meet a true inspiration!  By the age of nine, when we first met Winter, she was already an accomplished tri-athlete, busy establishing Team Winter and bringing awareness to Prostate Cancer after her dad was taken from her and her family by this awful disease that affects 1 in 6 men every year.

Most people only get to see Winter when she’s training, racing, giving speeches or is making news. What they don’t get to see is her being an ordinary girl – having fun with her friends and family. Trust us, she knows how to play hard too!

So what are you doing sitting around reading this? Get out there and run... and don't forget your Action Wipes - get 25% off NOW! Enter code 'Summer25" at checkout.