Hot, Humid Days

Refreshing Body WipesWith temperatures and humidity rising across the nation, the best way to freshen up when it gets unbearable is with Action Wipes! These amazing full body wipes are effective at removing dirt, sweat and odor – without leaving a sticky residue. 

If you’ve never tried Action Wipes, or not sure how to use wet wipes as a shower alternative, here is how:

1.  Action Wipe Singles – tear the package open and pull the wipe out. For Action Wipes 30 Sheet Soft Pack - simply lift the lid, pull the tab and pull one wipe out.

2.  Open the wipe to full size - remember, it’s a big 9”x10” wipe.

Strong, Premium body wipe3.  Starting with your face, work your way down to your feet. Simply clean your skin in the same manor you would by using a wash cloth. The strong, premium cloth of Action Wipes is infused with suds derived from plant based ingredients that are gentle and safe for your entire body, so go ahead, wash every inch - including between your toes! And don't worry men - it won't leave any lint on your five-o-clock shadow. (We recommend one wipe for your upper torso, a second for the lower half.)

4.  When done, your skin will feel moist, but not wet - allow the moisture to air dry for a few minutes. If you live in a very humid region or subtropical climate, drying will take a little longer than normal for the natural sudsiness to dissipate. (Many competitors add alcohol to their wipes to dry the wipe more quickly, but guess what it does to your skin? Righhhttt, it dries your skin out too!!) So, exercise a little patience and you'll feel clean & refreshed in no time! 

5.  Throw used wipe in the wash to re-purpose for other uses later. As we mentioned, the fabric is strong and durable, so it can be washed and re-purposed multiple times over.

6.  Proceed with life as usual.

There you go – a waterless shower that leaves you clean and refreshed in just minutes. How cool is that?!

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