Boulder Week - Part 1

We are firm believers in the concept that our attitudes are the result of the people we spend the most time with. In that regard, spending time in Boulder this week has been incredibly inspiring; especially around the topics of fitness, healthy lifestyle, sustainability, good business and cool products.

Venus de Miles Club at Full CycleOur week started by supporting 70-80 women of the Venus de Miles Bike Club’s Sunday ride, which started off at the  Full Cycle shop. The club is a testament that any woman can get on a bike and ride - regardless of their fitness level or skill. Being around them reminded us of the adage: ‘What would you do if you knew you could not fail?’ The energy, support and camaraderie empowered every participant to just do their best; and that in itself was success. We love the enthusiasm and the friendships the club fosters. After the ride, the women cleaned up dirt, road rash and chain grease with our body wipes. Thank you ladies for having us – we’ll be back to support Bike to Work Day on the 26th and the Venus de Miles Ride in September!

Eric Larsen and Adam ChaseWhile at Full Cycle, we had the pleasure of meeting Adam Chase, the Trail and Gear Editor for Running Times, and had a surprise visit by our favorite arctic explorer, Eric Larsen. While Boulder is a close knit community of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, these two men had of course heard of each other, but had yet to meet in person. So it was fun to introduce them to each other. Later in the week, Eric took Curt, our Action Wipes Team Member, for a ride in the breathtaking mountain meadows of Hall Ranch, just outside of Boulder. The boys had fun, but poor Curt hadn’t yet acclimated to the altitude and looked pretty spent after trying to keep up with the uber-fit adventure traveler.  If there was ever a time to clean up and savor the eucalyptus scent of Action Wipes, this was certainly it. Eric has been a fan of our body wipes for years and can attest to their effectiveness when having to go 70 days without a shower!

Martha Van Inwegen, Joana Canals, Paula HaddockTuesday was a big day for us as we started out the morning on live TV! I have to admit, I was nervous, but the hosts, Joana Canals and Paula Haddock of Colorado’s Best, were awesome and excited to talk about Action Wipes. The spot turned out great and we are so grateful for their support and genuine enthusiasm for our all-natural body wipes. Take a look at the episode and let us know what you think.

After an exciting morning, we hustled down to the opening day activities of the LOHAS Conference, which Action Wipes is a sponsor of and being featured in the Gift Suite.  LOHAS is short for Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability and it was very inspiring to see so many companies and products that have embraced the LOHAS ideals as part of their culture, mission and products. This will be a great week. Stay tuned.