Moutain Biking up Mammoth LakesWe had the opportunity to join the Cycling Camp San Diego (CCSD) for their most recent training camp in Mammoth Lakes California. CCSD specializes in cycling tours combined with professional coaching for riders in cycling friendly locations in California, Virginia and Europe.  Headed up by Robert Panzera and Josephine Allen, they have built a reputation for friendly, well-run and intensive training opportunities for cyclists of all levels. The Mammoth camp was specifically focused on high altitude endurance and included both road sessions and mountain bike training led by Mark Rago, a Leadville 100 and La Ruta competitor.

CCSD blends a really differentiating mix of on-the-bike coaching with classroom sessions that explain the mechanics and practices of training, focused on the 3 pillars of Nutrition, Pacing and Strength Training. One lesson that was really driven home is the fact that we need a goal—and that goal(s) will drive the plan. Just like a business, or a family savings plan, we need to have our own goals for training—be it cycling, running or just “getting in shape.” We need to write down our goals and develop a plan that incorporates the fundamentals evangelized at the camp.

 Judy Orlandella at CCSD Cycling CampAs usual, it is always a blessing and inspiring to see that Action Wipes are being used by people on their travels and adventures and this camp was no exception, especially for the road riders, who put in almost 25,000 vertical feet of climbing over the course of 24 hours (in 4 days). The scenery was spectacular and when you are out for almost 8 hours of riding, there is no time or place to shower, but hygiene and the stimulating scent of eucalyptus oil and natural cleaning properties of the body wipes help to keep the riders clean and comfortable for a long day in the saddle. And ready for a little video fun...

The mountain bike route was equally challenging as we pedaled over 100 miles and climbed 12,000 feet of the spectacular and rugged Mammoth Mountain trails, pushing our endurance thresholds each day on fatigued legs. But we did it, including a climb from town UP to the top of Mammoth Mountain; our version of the famous Tour de France stage up Mt. Ventoux.  We also re-purposed our Action Wipes to remove the fine pumice dust of the trails that covered our legs, bikes and precious drive trains.

Bike chain cleaned with repurposed Action WipesAll in all, a great weekend in the mountains with new and old friends. For more information on the cycling camps and event planning expertise of the CCSD team, contact them at:




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