Calling all Dirt Bags!

Body Wipes after Days Without ShowerHow dirty are you? Have you gone for days or weeks or even months without a proper shower?!

We’ve heard it all from our customers - Everything from 24-hours of Moab to 36 hours of plane travel with antsy kids to 5 days of bear hunting to a 3 month hike on the Camino de Santiago to weeks of battlefield conditions in Afghanistan. Now it is time for payback. We want to hear YOUR story of adventure, slogging and sweat. Whether by choice or by circumstance, we want to know whose got the best story of going “sans douche” (that's "without a shower" in French. Oooh-la-la).

Action Wipes is proud to announce our Dirtbag Challenge kicking off at the Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo Day at Pineview Reservoir next week on Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Click here to RSVP on our Facebook Event.

With the Dirtbag Challenge, Action Wipes is on a mission to find out who is the biggest “dirtbag” at Outdoor Retailer.  We want to hear about people’s dirtiest outdoor adventures, including how long they’ve ever gone with out taking a shower. Once finalists are selected, Action Wipes will be calling on the Outdoor Retailer community to vote for the biggest “Dirtbag.” The winner will be awarded with $100 and a Dirtbag Schwag Bag, full of Action Wipes’ best-selling products and other cool outdoor gear.

So if you are going to be at Outdoor Retailer next week or if you know someone who has some primo dirtbag stories, let us know on our Facebook page. We’ll see you there!