Shower Alternatives at The Burn

The Burn commences in 19 days for most attendees, while many of the set up crew and art installations are already there. Last week, the Jack Rabbit Speaks Newsletter advised their readership about showering at the playa by saying:


 It's nice to shower others with affection, but the non-potable water (that means it's not safe for drinking) in the road watering trucks isn't a safe alternative to a shower. It may contain all sorts of icky things that can make you sick. Resist the temptation to run after the trucks as they pass by! People have also slipped in the mud and seriously hurt themselves. Just bring a solar camping shower instead.

While we're talking about bathing, keep in mind that public showers, baths, and pools are PROHIBITED in Black Rock City since there is no legal way to make them safe or for the authorities to approve them. Showers that are set up for you and your camp mates are fine, just as long as they're not open to the public.

So, since we are fortunate to have Action Wipes in the Resource List (AND have a discount code for Burners – see below), we thought it would be helpful to help you sort thru some of your options to staying clean.

One of the reasons Action Wipes are great additions to your packing list is because A.) Showers are not an option for most Burners and B.) Good hygiene is critically important to keep you healthy and comfortable so you can enjoy all that The Burn is!

For those of you considering shower alternatives such as body wipes and baby wipes, keep in mind that not all wipes are created equal, and many are NOT good for your skin! Especially when you're exposed to the harsh alkaline dust and weather conditions of Black Rock. After being in the desert for five to seven days in this environment, your skin may become dry and irritated, with many developing chapped skin and Playa Foot. If that's the case, the last thing you want is to irritate your skin further with harsh chemicals!

Many common wipes contain alcohol, parabens, Benzalkonium Chloride (which stings when applied to open wounds and chapped skin) and other unlisted ingredients in the “fragrance” category.  These are BAD for your body and your skin. According to the GoodGuide:

Often found in baby wipes and hygiene products, fragrance is a catch-all term on ingredient lists that can conceal chemicals tied to allergies, hormone disruption, and neurotoxicity. Look for products from companies that state their products do not contain phthalates or parabens. These compound classes contain specific chemicals that have been linked to health concerns like cancer and developmental problems. Like a lot of consumer products, “…manufacturers in many baby product categories aren’t required to disclose what their products contain.”

(Click here to see the ingredients of body wipes on the market.)

Body Wipes for Burning ManAction Wipes are more expensive per wipe than the big jumbo packs of other commercially available wipes, but because they are bigger, stronger and more effective at cleaning your body and keeping your skin soft, you won’t use as many. Perhaps more importantly, they ARE SAFER for your body. Every inch of your body! Our plant-derived ingredients and pure essential oils are gentle, irritant free and have been proven effective at The Burn since their inception.

To help you stay clean and healthy, we are offering a 20% discount on the purchase of Action Wipes. Simply use this code: PLAYA13 when you buy here. However, if you don't place your order on time, you can purchase them at Sports Basement where they are offering 10% off your entire Burn purchase during the month of August. Just make sure you ask for them by name - Action Wipes!

And remember, “…patchouli is not a substitute for good hygiene!”

Thank you!