Rebecca's Private Idaho

Rebecca Rusch Private IdahoAction Wipes is proud to be a sponsor of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, the last stop on Rebecca’s Gold Rusch Tour. Who is Rebecca? Rebecca Rusch is a three-time world champion cyclist and four-time Leadville 100 winner. Next weekend over Labor Day, we join her at her hometown of beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.

After a tenuous couple of weeks with fires raging nearby, the fires are under control thanks to fire crews and volunteer fire fighters, including Rebecca! Today on Twitter, she announced:

"Ketchum fire dept crews pulled off the #beavercreekfire. I can get back to work on @RRPrivateIdaho. Life is returning to "normal" again!"

So the skies will bRebecca Rusch Volunteer Fire Fightere blue again and it’s time to celebrate life by riding with Rebecca in and around the Sun Valley/Ketchum area deep in the heart of the famed Pioneer Mountains. It is going to be a great party and we will have a one-of-a-kind Action Wipes Changing Room, where the riders and guests can clean up quick and easy with our all-natural body wipes before heading out for the after-ride party.

If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello. If you are interested, there is still room to ride—more info here.