Cleaning up and Carrying on

Team Action WipesTeam Action Wipes spent last weekend in the Ketchum/Sun Valley area of Idaho supporting one of the cooler events we’ve ever attended. Rebecca Rusch is an incredible athlete with an amazing array of trophies, victories and adventures in her career. She lives in Ketchum, one of the most beautiful areas of the country chock full of some amazing cycling routes. To showcase the area and support some important charities, she put on the first ever Rebecca’s Private Idaho. Action Wipes has been a longtime fan and sponsor of Rebecca and was honored to be part of the sponsorship team.

The ride itself was a “Gravel Grinder” up and over Trail Creek summit into Idaho’s Copper Basin. It was still smoky from the recent fires as well as being a hot and dusty course. As part of the event’s festivities, there was a party in Ketchum Town Square right at the finish. That was the perfect recipe for us to set up an Action Wipes Changing Room—complete with coolers full of ice cold Action Wipes for a refreshing cool body wipe down.

As usual, the before and after pictures were priceless and super cool for us to see how using an Action Wipe when there were no showers around turned tired, dirty and worn out riders into happy, clean and refreshed (or at least slightly more than before) partiers.

We had 3 changing rooms and as the riders came in, we had manageable lines of folks ready to clean up. Even the celebs like Levi Leipheimer came by to grab some Action Wipes. It was an awesome day with an incredible debut for Rebeca’s Private Idaho and a lot of old and new friends who came and cleaned up with us. 

And so as the sun was setting and the the younger folks got down to party Ketchum style with the Gelande Quaffing competition, we packed up our gear and sent it off to Las Vegas where we will see you next at Interbike outdoor demo. See you there!

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