Reflecting on Summer

Travel and Body Wipes on the RoadIt has been a busy summer of travel for Team Action Wipes and there have been plenty of opportunities to clean up when we couldn’t shower—Be it 1,000 mile road trips or hop scotching by plane around the western US. This is a big country and our opportunites to get outside and explore are plentiful. We have seen so many incredible places, thru the beautiful lonely roads of Nevada to stunning Utah Canyons into fields of Colorado wildflowers. We love that Action Wipes are a great shower alternative and that we have so many fans in so many places. Our Dirtbag Challenge at Outdoor Retailer proved that you don’t “have to” shower every day (as long as you have a shower alternative :-) and we will repeat that again next week at the always awesome Interbike Outdoor Demo Days. Thank you again to all of you who have stopped by our booth, shared your stories of cleaning-on-the-go and helped spread the word.

In addition to all the good stuff, we’ve seen a lot happening to our environment we want to help change. Water shortages and low water levels are present in almost every state here in the US. In fact, the venue for the Outdoor Retailer Open Air Demo had to be moved due to water shortages at the selected venue. In addition to being mindful about what we put into and on our bodies, we’ve got to pay attention to how we take care of our environment. Water is one of those things we just can’t make. As we talked about in a recent blog post, we’d like to challenge you to NOT shower for a day. At the very least, think about what you can do to conserve water, whether you are at home or out there exploring. Thank you.