Fall Camping

Cycling Bend, OR BridgeIt is that time of year, where the leaves are turning, the air is crisp and cool (no bugs!) and the campgrounds and trails are a lot less crowded. Let’s hit the hills! Having just returned from Bend, Oregon, where fall was definitely in swing, we were reminded of how awesome it is to go camping in the fall, where hot toddies and warm sleeping bags are joyous and a crackling campfire is a welcome addition and not a fire danger.

We are great fans of the products and team at Goal Zero. One of their recent “Off the Grid” blogs had a great post entitled, Solar Powered Camping: Is it Really Roughing It? It makes the case for a variety of ways solar power can enhance your camping experience, whether it is charging up your cell phone to cooking with a solar oven. They also mention solar powered showers, which are great, unless you don’t have one. In which case, Action Wipes make for a great shower alternative.

The Campsite - Body Wipes ReviewSpeaking of camping, we received a great (and funny) review from the Campsite Blog. According to the Campsite Gear Tester, John Reid, he’s a competitive rower as well as a “sweaty, lanky guy” who loves to camp and explore. His review encompassed a busy day outdoors without a shower followed by a wedding the next day, so it’s got the makings of a perfect Action Wipes “For when you can’t shower” story. According to John’s test, Action Wipes performed as advertised and were Odorless, Big Enough, All Natural and Reusable. He had a great trip; felt, smelled and looked clean and was fit for the wedding. Our kind of guy!

Looking for some spectacular fall foliage? We like the super cool graphic from the Ridiculously Rad Fall Color Guide and the Weather ChFall Leavesannel’s Fall Foliage Guide. So get your butts off the couch, grab the family, some Action Wipes and head outside this Fall!