Movers and Shakers

Winter Vinecki Cleaning Up with Body Wipes after New Zealand MarathonToday we get to highlight a couple of athletes who inspire us.

First up is Winter Vinecki,

We love Winter. She has been competing since age 5 and aspires to be a summer and winter Olympian, in memory of her Dad. Another one of her goals is to be the youngest person to run a marathon on each continent before she reaches the age of 15! This goal is part of Winter’s World Marathon Tour for Prostate Cancer Awareness and she just recently completed her sixth marathon in New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island Warf to Warf run. She’s right on track to reach her goal with the last remaining marathon next month in Athens, Greece. In addition, she founded Team Winter at the age of 9 after her dad was diagnosed at age 40 with a very aggressive form of Prostate Cancer. He passed away in 2009 before he reached his 41st birthday. So…take a lead from Winter and get out there and DO SOMETHING!

Polar Explorer Eric Larsen has long been a fan of Action Wipes and owns the current Action Wipes “Dirtbag” record by going 72 days without a shower during his 2006 record-breaking summer expedition to the North Pole. Thanks to Action Wipes, he was able clean up without a shower and maintain good hygiene. Now Eric is getting ready to return to the North Pole and is beginning his preparation and fitness training to traverse the Arctic Ocean from Northern Ellesmere Island to the geographic North Pole. Eric and his team hope to cover the nearly 500-mile distance in less than 49 days; in doing so, they would break the current expedition speed record set by a Norwegian team in 2006.

North Pole Expedition Team Train Always Carry Action WipesThe logistics and planning for a trip of this magnitude are enormous as well as the fitness, Eric and his team will need to build up for the trip. We love this video which shows some of the strength and endurance training Eric is going through. Could you keep up?!

We salute Winter and Eric and all athletes, big and small; recreational or pro who inspire us every day to be better than we are and to do more than we think we can.