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Two Socks, One Action Wipe: A Horror Story

July 23 2018
Read an honest story of regret...how one man had only one Action Wipe, and nearly lost all his friends*. (*Slight dramatization. No friendships were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

Local SLO Company Helps Firefighters Reduce Risk of Cancer

April 24 2018
Many body care products contain toxic chemicals, colors, and fragrances that can make their way into your blood and lymphatic system, especially as the skin warms. Action Wipes were the first body wipe on the market to receive the prestigious EWG VERIFIED™ status and that has helped them become one of the top "decon wipes" in the fire industry for fire departments looking for the best possible solution to help protect their firefighters from cancer. 

Why We Use Frankincense and Myrrh in Our Skincare Products

December 12 2017
We get kidded a lot when we tell folks we use frankincense and myrrh in several of our skincare products – the first ...

Upcycling and Education at Natural Products Expo West

March 05 2017

What Skin Are You In?

October 11 2016
Did you know skin is the largest body organ you have? Think about how large our skin is compared to everything else. ...

Author Emilie Bahr - How to Write a Book

April 07 2016
This is the last in our 3 part interview with Author Emilie Bahr. Here she gives some quick and on-point advice on wh...

Worldwide Disaster: Flushable Wipes

March 16 2016
Flushable wipes are gaining traction in the news lately, and for good reason. While most all brands of wet wipes desc...

Dirty Dancing the Clean Way

December 30 2014
Whether you are a hip hop, ballet or street dancer, you know how quickly you can work up a sweat...Right? It could be...
Action Wipes are BIG Body Wipes

Hollywood Reporter Says: "This Is How to Get Instant Clean in the ...

December 20 2014
We like it when people talk about Body Wipes, even when its about our competition (The Athletic Body Wipe by Showerpi...

A Message From The Founders

November 17 2014

Action Wipes and Shark Tank

October 16 2014
Action Wipes was invited to be part of the first season of Shark Tank, but declined. However, our experience with "The Tank" has been very positive even though we've never been on it. Incremental sales for our products whenever someone else is on have be awesome. Here's the story:

Do You Have a Bad Batch?

September 25 2014

Will Action Wipes Clean Up Gasoline?

September 18 2014
Action Wipes are great for when you can't shower, especially right before you get onto an airplane after spilling gas all over your suit!
Action Wipes | Full Body Wet Wipes for when you can't shower

Go Ahead...Buy Their Wipe

September 03 2014
[Welcome to our continuing series of #ThrowBackThursdays. This was originally posted in July 2011. Remember to use th...
Action Wipes helps burn victim in Iraq

Action Wipes: Combat Tested & Approved!

August 14 2014
As part of the lead-up to the #ActionWipesReturn this fall, we'd like to re-tell a few stories for you. No sales pitc...

Kristin of STUFT MAMA Completes 37-Mile Treadmill Run for Charity

February 07 2014
One of the most amazing things she’s ever done, that’s how Kristin Stehly of stuftmama.com describes her recent 37-mi...

Action Wipes Supports Flood Affected Community in Colorado

January 13 2014
Action Wipes is happy to be giving back, as part of a larger movement where we strive to make a difference in our loc...
Original Wet Wipe

A History Lesson

November 20 2013
One of the things that is surprising to many people is just how recent the history of the “baby wipe” really is. Acco...
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