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A Message From The Founders

November 17 2014

Will Action Wipes Clean Up Gasoline?

September 18 2014
Action Wipes are great for when you can't shower, especially right before you get onto an airplane after spilling gas all over your suit!
Action Wipes | Full Body Wet Wipes for when you can't shower

Go Ahead...Buy Their Wipe

September 03 2014
[Welcome to our continuing series of #ThrowBackThursdays. This was originally posted in July 2011. Remember to use th...

Action Wipes and Burning Man

August 28 2014
Action Wipes has a long history with Burning Man, so much so that we USED to be on the official Burning Man Resources List. Clearly that is a to-do for next year. But in the meantime, this email thread typifies the kind of service the Action Wipes brand represents. See how Martha turned this Burner from an antagonist into a customer.

How Action Wipes REALLY Got Started

August 21 2014

Action Wipes Come Out of the Closet - The True Story

People automatically assume Action Wipes were created for our active, outdoor lifestyle. In a way, they're right. Here, Martha Van Inwegen, Creator of Action Wipes opens up and tells us what only close friends and Burners have whispered about for years...

Action Wipes helps burn victim in Iraq

Action Wipes: Combat Tested & Approved!

August 14 2014
As part of the lead-up to the #ActionWipesReturn this fall, we'd like to re-tell a few stories for you. No sales pitc...