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Worldwide Disaster: Flushable Wipes

March 16 2016
Flushable wipes are gaining traction in the news lately, and for good reason. While most all brands of wet wipes desc...


March 15 2016
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                ...
FireSled Firefighter Functional Training Video Demonstrates Action Wipes

Firefighters, Cancer and Action Wipes

October 25 2015
According to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network,"Cancer has become the most dangerous threat to the health and sa...
Chipper Bro | Patagonia Frisbee Ambassador & Head of Culture

Action Wipes Meets Patagonia

April 21 2015
You know its going to be a good day when it starts out at Patagonia Chipper Bro | Patagonia Frisbee Ambassador & Head of Cultureheadquarters with an introduction by the Head of Culture and Patagonia Frisbee Ambassador, "Chipper Bro."  Patagonia has long been a brand that has inspired our team at Life Elements with their quality, unwavering commitment to the environment and their ability to build a culture that has always remained true to it's core mission to: "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis."
Procter & Gamble

A Scary Day at the Office

January 31 2015
For us small business owners, every day is a roller coaster ride, replete with slow agonizing climbs and plenty of st...

Do you really need to shower everyday?

January 16 2015

Dirty Dancing the Clean Way

December 30 2014
Whether you are a hip hop, ballet or street dancer, you know how quickly you can work up a sweat...Right? It could be...
Action Wipes are BIG Body Wipes

Hollywood Reporter Says: "This Is How to Get Instant Clean in the ...

December 20 2014
We like it when people talk about Body Wipes, even when its about our competition (The Athletic Body Wipe by Showerpi...

A Message From The Founders

November 17 2014

Action Wipes and Shark Tank

October 16 2014
Action Wipes was invited to be part of the first season of Shark Tank, but declined. However, our experience with "The Tank" has been very positive even though we've never been on it. Incremental sales for our products whenever someone else is on have be awesome. Here's the story:
Original Wet Wipe

A History Lesson

November 20 2013
One of the things that is surprising to many people is just how recent the history of the “baby wipe” really is. Acco...
Cycling Bend, OR Bridge

Fall Camping

October 08 2013
It is that time of year, where the leaves are turning, the air is crisp and cool (no bugs!) and the campgrounds and t...
Travel and Body Wipes on the Road

Reflecting on Summer

September 12 2013
It has been a busy summer of travel for Team Action Wipes and there have been plenty of opportunities to clean up whe...
Body Wipes for Burning Man

Shower Alternatives at The Burn

August 12 2013
The Burn commences soon for most attendees, while many of the set up crew and art installations are already there. La...
Evan Pederson Wins Dirt Bag Challange

From Dirt Bags to Downward Dog

August 06 2013
It is trade show season and the Action Wipes team is logging some serious miles and seriously having fun meeting up w...
CrossFit Games Attendees Enjoying Body Wipes

Week In Review

July 28 2013
It was a busy week for us at Action Wipes! Here is a brief recap: Events We had a fun evening with the folks at...
Body Wipes after Days Without Shower

Calling all Dirt Bags!

July 24 2013
How dirty are you? Have you gone for days or weeks or even months without a proper shower?! We’ve heard it...
Moutain Biking up Mammoth Lakes


July 16 2013
We had the opportunity to join the Cycling Camp San Diego (CCSD) for their most recent training camp in Mammoth Lake...
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