Visit us at the Sea Otter Classic to pick up a poison oak remedy

One week and counting ... until the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. This annual bike festival includes several races – road, cross-country, cyclocross, enduro, downhill and more – as well as demos, exhibits and general festival fun!

Come hang out with us at booth 545 and 546 during the weekend (we’re sharing digs with Pro Net Cycling)! We’ll have plenty of Action Wipes samples to hand out and stories to tell.

As anyone who has participated in the Sea Otter Classic knows, poison oak is a major issue in the area around the festival, and many racers and riders struggle with the irritation caused by it.  Luckily, Action Wipes’ suds lift and remove the poison oak oils, preventing the gnarly rashes!

We won’t test this on animals, but we did test it on ourselves. Our founder Martha purposely rubbed poison oak on her two legs (go ahead, call her crazy!) and then used Action Wipes to treat just her left leg. If you want to see the video of Martha taking the poison oak plunge, you can check it out here

Nine days later, here were the results!

To use Action Wipes on poison oak effectively, clean the affected areas of your skin as soon possible. The no-rinse sudsing action of Action Wipes combined with the strong fabric and pure essential oils will help prevent the spread of a rash.

OK, poison oak aside, Sea Otter Classic is a heck of a good time! We look forward to seeing you all out there! Need a little extra motivation to sign up? Check out these pics from previous years...