As a California based company, we are concerned about the worst drought in history facing our state, as well as other western states. As the world population continues to grow, water will become a precious resource we can't afford to lose. Water conservation is of the utmost importance and we must start now.

Action Wipes are a pre-moistened, no rinse body wipe created specifically for when there is no water or shower available. One Action Wipes is equal to 25 gallons of water, which is the average amount of water used in a 10 minute shower. Action Wipes like having an Insta Shower® solution that saves water.

Our body wipes are made extra moist and extra large so in most cases, all you need is one to clean from head to toe and everything in between. They are made with a natural, clean, fresh, aromatic scent that smells great and dissipates quickly so you don't spend the day smelling like a "tree-hugging hippie".  Unless you are a tree-hugging hippie, in which case you'll love the therapeutic essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus. Combined with other natural, plant derived ingredients, Action Wipes remove sweat, dirt, grime and odor - leaving you clean and refreshed; without water. It's like having a water saving shower in a pouch!



Our proprietary wipe formula creates mild suds that don't require rinsing and are quick to dry - leaving your skin clean & refreshed, not sticky.  Action Wipes are made with pure essential oils traditionally used for their antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so they're good for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, road-rash, and the saddle sore area*. If you're a rock climber, back packer or mountain biker, Action Wipes help to remove poison oak and poison ivy oils too - check it out. If you're a road cyclist - they are amazing at removing embrocations too.

Action Wipes are excellent in helping Fire Fighters and First Responders remove toxic carcinogens from the skin while in the line of duty - safely and thoroughly! World travelers call Action Wipes an "InstaShower®" or a "shower in a pocket ".  For music festival goers, they save you from standing in long shower lines before slipping into your sleeping bag. If you're going to Burning Man, they're great for cleaning off makeup, body paint, glitter and playa dust that can cause playa foot. And of course, no survival kit should be without them. The gentle formula is safe for every inch of your body, sensitive skin, kids, pets, seniors, and our planet.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any disease.


 We compared Action Wipes with other popular body wipes on the market today and they're just the right size.  And they're stronger too!  Unlike other single-use body wipes that fall apart during use, Action Wipes hold up and won't leave particles in beards or unshaven legs. Some of our customers have even re-purposed them for washing dishes when camping, dusting furniture, cleaning equipment, shop rags and more!  

And for you weight conscious adventure seekers, here are some stats for you:

  • The wipe itself is 9”x10"
  • For the single packs, the wipe is folded into a 3”x5” foil lined packet and each weighs .5 ounces
  • For the multipacks, the wipes are folded to fit into a 12”x4”x1” soft pouch that weighs 14 ounces

An Insta Shower® whenever... wherever you need one

Action Wipes are great for all types of active lifestyles. So go ahead and use them before, during, or after any activity. And don't forget to put some in your survival kit or bug out bag...