About Life Elements

We make Clean Performance Body Care™ for people who care deeply about what they put IN and ON their bodies. Our skin can absorb up to 68% of the ingredients we put on it; that number increases to 100% for underarms and genitalia. That’s why we use only the cleanest, safest and best-performing ingredients.

We make ingredient transparency a priority, and make it easy for you to understand what's in our products.

We offer two lines of products, Action Wipes and Life Elements. Action Wipes are EWG Verified™ and Vegan certified; all our products are Cruelty Free certified, honoring our commitment to healthy body care products. We also disclose all our ingredients so that you can make informed purchasing choices. 

Action Wipes

These natural wipes are your alternative to a shower. Action Wipes are made with pure essential oils – like tea tree, eucalyptus, frankincense and ylang ylang – leaving you refreshed, but not sticky.

Our customers use Action Wipes for international travel, remote camping and backpacking, festivals like Burning Man, and cleaning up after a gym workout or sports game. Many families select Action Wipes because they are also safe for children and pets. 

They also have become the wipe of choice for first responders. Firefighters across the United States and Canada use them to decontaminate while on the fireground. We offer a special purchase program for fire departments. Please contact us for details.

Action Wipes’ suds lift and remove poison oak and poison ivy oils, preventing gnarly rashes. And they’re a great option for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes and saddle soars.

Meet the Founders

We are a small, woman-owned, certified-minority business based in Atascadero, California. All our products are designed in-house and made right here in California. 

We got our start after Martha Van Inwegen began mixing ingredients in her kitchen to create a potion to remove dirt, sweat and odor naturally. Born and raised in Mexico, she learned the ancient art of healing through natural remedies from her grandmother. Eventually, Martha landed on the perfect combination of all-natural ingredients and essential oils for her potion. Soon Martha’s husband, Curt, became involved and our business was born. 

Here at Life Elements, we create all our own products, hand write thank you notes with every order, manage our own social media and standby our values: honesty, integrity, transparency, healthy and resiliency. Thank you for your support with a purchase!