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firefighter wipes

Action Wipes are the best Body Wipes to remove toxic soot off your body. 

It is now well known that cancer has become the most dangerous threat to the health and safety of America's firefighters. As a Firefighter, one of your many concerns is the removal of toxins and contaminants from your skin to help minimize your risk of Cancer.


Use Action Wipes as part of your Standard Operating Guidelines to help firefighters remove toxic soot from exposed areas of skin immediately while still on the fire scene thoroughly and safely with natural ingredients that don’t add additional unhealthy chemicals to your skin.

Why They Work

Firefighter wipes

Action Wipes are the only body wipe on the market to carry EWG VERIFIED® status which raises the bar for safety, quality of ingredients and transparency for tools firefighters use to remove toxins off their body. We’ve been making body wipes in the USA since 2006 and our proprietary formula has proven effective around the world in first responder scenarios long before many of the newer brands rushed into the market.

Our company philosophy to create the best and safest body wipe on the market has never wavered and we will never compromise on anything less. Made with naturally anti-bacterial and cleaning ingredients, Action Wipes contain NO alcohol, parabens or fragrances. The signature sudsing action breaks down oily soot and lifts contaminants off exposed skin to clean the body and remove toxic carcinogens. The scent is natural, dissipates quickly and dries clean with no sticky residue. The fabric is durable and can hold up to brisk scrubbing and won’t pill up or leave additional wipe debris on rough or unshaven skin.