Our Cleansing Wipes in Action

We test our body wipes on ourselves - never on animals!

First up: POISON OAK........Leaves of Three, Let 'em Be!

This nasty weed can cause a severe, itchy rash if you happen to get the urushiol oil from its leaves, stems, or roots, on your skin.  Watch out for branches and shrubs when cycling, hiking, camping or walking your dog.

Be aware that the oils can also be floating in streams and make their way to our oceans after heavy rains. So be careful when mountain biking as the oils can splash on your legs, back and arms. When surfing, the floating oils can get on unprotected areas such as your neck, hands and feet. These oils can also transfer from your dog's fur to you.

Clean area(s) affected by poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac, with Action Wipes® as soon as possible.  The no-rinse sudsing action combined with our strong fabric and pure essential oils will help prevent the spread of a rash*. 



Body Wipes After Nine Days

Right leg without our natural wipes  Left leg treated with our natural wipes 

*This has not been medically proven. 
Some people may develop a rash regardless of treatment. 
Consult a physician should a rash develop.