Disaster Support


Action Wipes® are full-body wet wipes for those times when water is scarce, showers are not available and hygiene is critical. They have been used as backup wound care on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and as mandatory hygiene care for expeditions to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Antarctica. Made with naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients including Tea Tree, Frankincense, Coconut & Eucalyptus oils, Action Wipes®’ signature sudsing action lifts contaminants and cleans the body with no rinsing required. The scent is natural, dissipates quickly, and dries clean with no sticky residue. The fabric is durable, holds up to brisk scrubbing, and won’t leave fuzzy lint on rough, unshaven skin.

Emergency Services 4-in-1 Solution

Personal Hygiene | Showers may not be available, but you can still take care of the basics. Action Wipes®’ natural ingredients and signature sudsing action lifts contaminants and cleans the body of soot, grime, sweat, and odor. They are hypo-allergenic & safe for kids, pets and the entire body.

Preserve Precious Water | Water sources may be compromised with only bottled water available for basic hydration. Supplementary water for bathing and washing may not be immediately available. Action Wipes can help preserve limited water sources for other uses besides basic hygiene.

Minimize Waiting in Lines | Portable Shower facilities may not always be available and if they are, the lines can be daunting for people, impacting morale and problematic for crowd control.

Wound Care | Action Wipes® provides additional wound care protection and disinfecting tools for irrigating wounds or helping to soothe and heal cuts, scrapes, rashes, and burns.

Protect yourself and your families with Action Wipes