Additional Uses For Body Wipes

 Action Wipes are more than just a body wipe!

 We love to see and hear how our customers re-purpose their Action Wipes, send us your ideas

Reuse Our Full Body Wipes On Camping Trips:

  • Use our travel wipes as a coffee filter (wash first unless you enjoy Tea Tree & Eucalyptus flavored coffee) Reuse our full body wipes to make a bikini
  • To collect wild fruit (could also be used in the city when you walk passed your neighbor's house with the apple tree)
  • Cover your food to keep bugs off 
  • Emergency T.P.
  • Plug your nostrils after being sprayed by a skunk (can be used straight out of the package)
  • Keep flying bugs off your face while napping
  • Tie canoes together
  • As an "Occupado" sign on an outhouse (or a "I have a friend over" sign when you're at home and your roommate isn't home yet)
  • Napkins!
  • Roll em loosely around your ears when it gets cold and windy to use as earmuffs
  • Make a sling to throw small rocks at the racoons trying to steal your food
  • Emergency repairs

Reuse Our Travel Wipes While Hiking/Biking/Other Outdoor Activities:  How will you reuse your travel wipes?

  • Make a sling for a hurt arm (requires more than one wipe, which is a good reason to purchase the 15 pack)
  • Polish your bike
  • Check the wind direction
  • As a bandana  
  • Swim trunks/bikini        
  • As a dust/wind mask
  • Cut a slit in the middle, tie the ends around your ears and presto!  New Raybans!
  • Neckerchief or scarf
  • Tie your skies together for easier transport
  • Secure a splint to a broken arm or leg until help arrives
  • Fold in Half and stuff with leaves to make a pillow
  • A trail marker in the woods (As long as your name isn't Hansel or Gretal)
  • A surrender flag when playing paintball
  • Keep your visor from flying off your head when the wind blows or while riding your bike
  • Tie over your head to keep strong winds from blowing your hairpiece down the trail
  • Keep your backside clean when sitting on the ground
  • Dry sweaty hands if you're caught with an empty chalk bag when climbing

Reuse Our Travel Wipes At Home:

  • As a wash cloth
  • A Superman Cape
  • Emergency diaper
  • As an ascot
  • Wash or dry dishes
  • Tie on the end of a stick to hold your personal things when running away from home.
  • Tie a couple together and twist them to make a fashionable belt (all of Paris will be raving)

    Are you a superhero with your body wipe?

  • To gag a snoring partner
  • To flag down the ambulance after calling 911 when your gagged snoring partner stops breathing
  • Sew a bunch together for a sea kayak sail
  • Tie onto your luggage to make it easier to spot at the baggage claim
  • To wrap a gift
  • Muzzle your dog
  • Muzzle your Mother-In-Law
  • As a bookmark
  • Flag down a taxi
  • Put on your car antenna for easy spotting in the parking lot
  • Check the oil in your car
  • Fill with catnip for your favorite feline friend
  • Barbie hammock
  • Blanket for your Chihuahua
  • Moisten and wrap leftover pancakes, biscuits, etc to keep from going stale during the night
  • As a dog collar (or a cat collar if you add a little bell)
  • A hanky for when you watch Steel Magnolias
  • Ladies, use em to stuff your bra for that all around natural soft look