Responsible Practices

Whenever we can, we use Action Wipes to do good!

At Life Elements, we are committed to responsible environmental practices. We maintain a variety of environmental programs in our everyday business practices, such as using recycled paper for printing, recycled cardboard boxes and packing materials for shipments (so please don't expect pretty packages wrapped with bows), drive American Hybrid vehicles and ride our bikes to work. But it doesn't stop there...we will further our efforts as we continue to learn of new alternatives so Action Wipes have a positive effect on global sustainability. 

With environmental awareness, comes responsible purchasing.  We support local and global sustainability in the production of the raw materials within our ingredients. The sourcing of these raw materials is done with practices that benefit the people who grow them and the environment they are grown in.  

We give back

Giving back is important to us. We support the men and women serving our country by doubling orders shipped to military addresses.  We have donated thousands upon thousands of wet wipes to our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. When Nashville flooded, and ironically, found themselves without water to bathe, we sent cases of wipes to volunteers and stranded families. When Colorado was burning, we sent thousands of our full body wipes to the fire fighters, YMCA and Red Cross. When California was burning, we greeted our local CAL Fire team with Action Wipes after their 24hr shift.

Action Wipes inventor Martha Van Inwegen has lost several family members, including both parents – to cancer. It's because of this that Life Elements gives back to cancer research through donations and event and team sponsorships.