This is a rare case of truth in advertising. Action Wipes really do live up to every claim I was able to test, and they're a marked improvement over baby wipes. ~



Natural Wipes

Bicycling Magazine June 2012

Smear Campaign

by Leah Flickinger

Got odor? Try Action Wipes. Eucalyptus, tea tree, and ylang-ylang oils give these 9x10 inch full body wet wipes a powerful scent, while an all-natural preservative combats bacteria. A double-sealed pack keeps the natural wipes wet longer. Testers agree "gets the stink off and leaves you smelling good." $24 for 30.

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Action Wipes in the mediaAction Wipes in the news 

805 Living March/April 2012

"A Bath In Your Bag"

No time for a shower after a workout, midday walk, or red-eye flight? Action Wipes are designed for cyclists, hikers, backpackers, runners, tennis players, travelers, or anyone else who wants to freshen up in a flash... and these are a real shower alternative. The super-size, full-body wet wipes are infused with tea tree and eucalyptus pure essential oils. Find them in bike shops, health-food stores, and outdoor sports stores.

Action Wipes in the press 

Woman's Day July 2011    

"The Organized Woman's Guide to Camping"

We're essential #8-Wipes!

When it comes to hygiene, I've got two words: Action Wipes.  These Eucalyptus and teatree infused, full body wet wipes are a true shower alternative.  You just wipe yourself down, top to bottom, after any activity.  They really work.  Promise.

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Cheers to Action Wipes for creating a product custom tailored to athletes and not some repackaged baby butt wipes. ~ Balm Co

Action Wipes are arguably the Chris King headset of personal pre-moistened filth management towels ~ Bike Snob NYC

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